YAXI stPad(stPad studio headphone DX) Earpads

Rp 585.000

2014 New Product! King of the earpads! Suitable for 18 earphones models! The protein leather material makes it top grade and high quality. The 0.06mm mesh makes the sound very pure. Its 15mm thickness provides quite enough space to make the sound clear.


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Best Fit:
SONY MDR-CD900st / MDR7506 / CD700 / V6

Replaceable models
Audio Technica ATH-SX1a / ATH-M40X / ATH-M50X
ULTRASONE Signature Pro / Signature DJ / HFI580
Beyerdynamic DJ250 / 80
e earphone SW-HP11 (MMCX model)

YAXI for Studio Headphone DX (aka stPad) is the replacement ear pads that have been developed in accordance with the aim to monitor headphone studio youth that most of the musicians are currently used at the time of recording ””SONY MDR-CD900ST”’. In addition to the MDR-7506 compatible models are more than 18 models, etc. as well. It has gained the support of many of the musicians and radio production personnel. Simple and bold red line design is take away the eyes of many people.

Sponge is to reduce the burden on the long-term use at the time of the ear that you use the low-repulsion, also Foam will reduce the sound leakage because it uses a high-density material in.
The distance of adopted driver unit from the ear with a thin 0.06mm mesh as possible as a feature of the structure to collect the air feeling of the entire sound in the coercive design delivers the outlook is good clear sound to your ear. Studio headphones is the early exhaustion of hate ^ pad order to carry out or remove worn frequently, but the pad of YAXI is also a strong consumption because it is totally private a strong protein leather on the outside friction. Paying attention to the point that many of the models are using a certain size of the pad, repeated many trials in a variety of headphones, was developed to examine the structure of the entire material and pad. Of course, as for the recording, making it a step up ear pads that can be active in various fields and for listening and DJ monitor on the go.


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