Shozy Form 1.1 Earphones Black / Form1.1

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Deskripsi Shozy Form 1.1 Earphones Black / Form1.1

The build quality is excellent. We get a lot of these Asian earphone brands coming through now, and many of them all have similar design language. The resin shell in the in ear monitor style used to be the preserve of the CIEM (Custom In Ear Monitor) world or even exclusive brands in the universal form. Now however you can find these shells on the market from $20 and up.

Despite this, there are vast differences in quality for this design, and I think Shozy has nailed the balance of budget price and high build. The Form 1.1 feel like a premium product in hand, and the finish is top-notch.

There are no seams protruding or sharp edges. Everything is smooth and very well finished. The point where the metal tips integrate with the resin shell is seamless and blended perfectly. The use of metal at this crucial juncture is a welcome one and will help with the longevity of the earphones. I also really like the use of the metal mesh as the filter guard, which will keep them dust and wax-free.

The Shozy Form 1.1 sounds excellent for the price.


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