FiiO FA1 Single Balance Armature In-Ear Monitor

Rp 1.500.000

  • Dibuat dengan printer 3D kelas industri canggih yang memanfaatkan teknologi pencetakan DLP
  • Driver jangkar seimbang seimbang yang disesuaikan secara khusus dikembangkan bersama oleh FiiO dan Knowles
  • Kulit luar resin ramah kulit untuk kenyamanan pemakaian maksimal dan daya tahan jangka panjang
  • Penutup permukaan riak yang menawan dilengkapi dengan tubuh transparan yang sama memukau
  • Desain MMCX yang dapat dilepas termasuk kabel 3,5 mm yang diakhiri yang terbuat dari kawat perak berlapis tembaga bebas oksigen


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Sound Impressions :
Unlike many FiiO items, the FA1 is relatively bass-light, out of the box resolution and tonal balance is quite impressive. If you are new into the earphone hobby, you will immediately feel the rich details in the treble while nothing in the spectrum is overly emphasized.

Using the FA1 with phones, you will notice the boost in clarity especially in the treble, the bass is quite shy and attacks comfortably not covering up the sub-bass content. This helps the bass extension sound deeper and makes the overall tuning more dynamic. The tuning is not veiled on either the treble or the lows although it is limited by a single driver’s capability. The soundstage is fairly large and there are no obvious flaws in the tuning.

In particular, I like how the crispiness in the treble makes the upper vocal range and percussion instruments more pronounced, strengthening the texture and resolution of female vocals and violins.

The FA1 works great with better-mastered tracks that display fuller-bodied mids, playing better mastering hi-res tracks density in the vocal part will be boosted. You may find it a bit leaned with male vocals having some mid range frequencies dipped and to enhance the midbass impact you may try aftermarket copper cable rolling/ some slight equalizing.

Specifications :
Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20kHz
Sensitivity: 111dB (1kHz@1mW)
Impedance: 15ohms @1kHz
Maximum Input Power: 100mW
Drivers: Single Knowles ED33357 BA


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