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SMSL M2 Portable Headphone Amplifier External DAC

Rp 950.000

MINI PC USB decoder (external sound card). don’t support battery power
using asynchronous audio transmission technology approved. supports ASIO, WASAPI and other drivers.
along with line output, optical signal output and headphone amplifier output.
Ultra-small size (thickness, width, like with the iPhone 4), easy to carry.
USB receiver chip: SA9027; DAC decoder chip: ES9023;Headphone amplifier chip: MAX9722

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Performance indicators: Sampling rate: 32-96KHz (including 88.2KHz)
Bit width: 16-24BitUSB
transmission specifications: USB2.0, asynchronous audio transmission THD + N: DAC < 0.003%
Frequency response: 10Hz – 48KHz
Impedance adaptation: 8ohm – 600ohm
Maximum output power: 130mW + 130mW / 32ohm
Dynamic range: 110dB (24Bit)SNR: DAC> 105dB amp> 100dB
Output amplitude: 2VrmsPower consumption:0.5W; size:=87 *58.5* 9.6mm
Warranty: 1 year Noted : M2 don’t support battery power


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