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Three years ago, we sparked upon a plan to design a high-resolution portable music player (DAP). For our first DAP, we set ourselves an almost impossible goal. That was, to make it possible, for true music lovers and professional audiophiles, to enjoy the same Hi-Fi listening experience achieved in state of the art home based systems, in a portable body. This means, the circuit design, the device, the system architecture, as well as, the industrial design and processes, must all be reconsidered all. We looked forward to it, as not just portable Hi-Fi equipment, but, as the future of Hi-Fi itself.

An Impressive arc body with a twin steering wheel design, supporting DSD128&24/192kHz PCM files, pure class A, discrete transistors and components, headphone amplifier, incorporating Questyle Audio’s patented “Current Mode Amplification” to ensure warm and powerful sound, which makes the QP1 & QP1R masterpieces of portable DAPs.

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Patented “Current Mode Amplification” in headphone AMP, all discrete components, Pure Class A circuit.

File Format Support: WAV, FLAC, ALAC, APE, AIFF, ADPCM, LPCM, MP3,WMA,WMA Lossless, OGG, AAC, DFF, DSF
Sample Rate: PCM Native: 44.1 kHz – 192 kHz(16bit/24bit)
DSD Native: DSD64(1bit 2.8MHz)/DSD128(1bit 5.6MHz)
DAC:Cirrus Logic CS4398
Output:3.5MM headphone output, 3.5MM line out & optical output
Frequency Response: 20Hz-20 kHz(±0.1dB)
QP1 THD+N= 0.0015%
QP1 R THD+N = 0.0006%
Output Impedance : QP1: 0.19Ω / QP1R: 0.15Ω
Memory: Internal: 16GB(QP1)/32GB(QP1R),
External: supports Micro SD card 2*128GB
Battery:3300mAh Li-polymer, 8-10 hours
Charge Current: Via PC USB connection @ 450mA,
Charging Time: 8 hours
Via Charger @ 2A, Charging Time: 4 hours
Body :CNC cutting aluminum case, Available in Space Gray/ Gold
Headphone AMP Output Power
Gain = High
Max Output Amplitude: Vout=1.9V rms
Output Power: Pout=40mW @32Ω
Pout=12mW @300Ω
Max Output Amplitude : Vout=1V rms
Output Power: Pout=31mW @32Ω
Pout=3.5mW @300Ω
Max Output Amplitude: Vout=0.53V rms @32Ω / Vout=0.51V rms @16Ω
Output Power: Pout=8.8mW @32Ω
Pout=16.3mW @16Ω

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