Pioneer XDP-300R

Rp 11.500.000

The Pioneer XDP-300R will feature dual ESS DACs alongside a fully balanced pre-amp circuit with a new dedicated balanced output. The Pioneer XDP-300R supports DSD, PCM to 24 bits and up to 384kHz and includes MQA support.

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Freedom of Google Play
Access to Google Play opens the capabilities of XDP-300R beyond what’s built in, like streaming music, video, and games. (Deezer, Spotify, TIDAL are included among “Useful Apps” tab)
Multiple connectivity methods with high-quality audio outputs and wireless functionality
Digital output through Micro USB/OTG support allows for both high-quality output via the headphone jack and peripheral connections.
3.5mm stereo mini output (w/Line out mode)
2.5mm balanced headphone output
Micro USB/OTG digital output supports up to DSD 11.2MHz and 24bit/384kHz (DoP/Direct Transfer/PCM conversion)
Wireless high res audio with Apt-X support via Bluetooth
“Play Thru” function supports WiFi, WiFi Direct playback up to 24bit/192kHz (via free update)
Playback support of up to DSD 11.2MHz, 24bit/384kHz bit FLAC/WAV files
Industry first support of MQA lossless format
Support for over 500GB (32GB internal + dual microSD)
Direct download of music from OnkyoMusic service without the need of a PC
6 built in sound adjustment (Lock range adjust, digital filter, up sampling to 384kHz, Realtime DSD conversion to 5.6MHz, High Precision EQ, Club Sound Boost)
Innovative new GUI with quick access to frequently used playlists and EQ setting directly above and below the play screen accessible with the flick of a finger and physical buttons for alltransport controls for ‘no look’ operation.
transport controls for ‘no look’ operation.
Easy music file transfers from your PC to the player via X-DAP link or drag and drop
Volume knob with 161 step positions for fine granular control
Rigid machined aluminium body design


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