Pai Audio 3.14 PR1

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Estimasi Ready Stock 27 Maret – 3 April

The product is equipped with high quality reinforced ,transparent Sennheiser earphone plastic shell. Export-level quality excels well its price. When the high quality TPU 12 core wire bumps into burning red cord, coming in see-through shell cases, it only makes you feel fresh and comfortable. The earphone is silk printed round dots in red and blue color to indicate the left/right soundtrack. BLUE L/RED R. Fit out with imported sponge,16MM earphone shells lead listeners to more natural and cozier bass. Extra red sponge doughnuts complimented.(*Compatible to iOS equipment. Functions vary based on different equipments.)


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The earphone is warm, conveying clean and soft sound. So, just relax, enjoy a cup of tea and the amazing feeling that the earphone brings by . The product shows you wonderful performance of warm and penetration. It also offers you just right with its wide sound field, extended depth, bass flexibility and dive.


The high frequency part of the earphone is absolutely excellent, it makes you feel the lean-forward voice. We all know there is center-head-effect of earphones, the voice leans forward due to the voice circles right in the middle of the head! It’s like musicals are singing in front you at the scene. We get instrument’s location and level when we listen to musical instrument and POP.


Low frequency part seems like mx500 deep bass, it’s able to adjust bass violin and some metal music.


The product is best at presenting mid frequency. The product is the best choice for alive ,thick, moving forward, mid frequency, which you can hardly find any other comparing products. The ability for MF performance of the earphone makes you love it only more, it gives you fantastic feeling listening to guitar solo. Human voice played by the product can be intimate and sweet.


Long time listening over the product, all three frequencies come out with more natural and cleaner presentation.

Long time wearing , even 12-hour wearing

of the earphone does not tire you at all.


The earphone goes best with jazz and classic music. Jazz coming from it feels so soft and relax that brings yo more musical imagination, besides ,pop, rock, blue and metal are acted vividly as well.


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