FiiO EM3

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Great Sound in style for the rest of us
14.8mm large diameter dynamic drivers
The EM3 ultilizes NIB-based drivers of hih magnetic flux and electroacoustic efficency,
combining advanced equpment with artistic tuning intent to guaranee the consistency of performance and musicality of output.
sensitivity is high thank to modern technology employed, while impedance stands at a well-chosen 47ohm to ensure tha the EM3 can be driven well from a wide range of amplifiers without compromising performance potential.
The large drivers of 14.8mm diameter brings powerful bass, while the well-designed open-earbud from factor brings excellent soundstaging and realistic tone quality, preserving the authenticity of music to immerse you in the live music environment at any time and any place


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Type : Dynamic (14.8mm)
Frequency response : 20Hz~20kHz
Sensitivity : 109dB/mW
Impedance : 47 Ω
Plug size : 3.5mm gold-plated stereo jack(CTIA standard)
Cord length : 1.2m
Weight : 13.6g
Color : Black


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