FiiO A1

Rp 440.000

A New Generation: Exquisite Design, Improved Operation
The A1 ultilizes a sandblasted aluminum alloyed chassis for a durable modern appearance and confortable handholding.
A transparent removable back clip adapts the A1 to different usage scanarios in style

Pug-and-play instant audio improvement
with higher power hi-fidelity output than smartphones, the A1 satisfies your need for more sound quality and quantity

High-Quality Electronic Volume Control

The A1’s volume buttons are made of Alps microswitches for sensitive and reliable operation


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Deskripsi Produk

Model Name/Number: A1
Color Available : Silver
Weight : 20g (incl. belt clip)
Dimensions : 42mm x 40.7mm x 9.4mm
Audio Input : Standard 3.5mm Port
Headphone Output : Standard 3.5mm Port
Drive Ability : 16~100 Ω (recommended)
Power Input : DC 5V/0.8~1A (recommended)
Battery Capacity : 160 mAh
Battery Life : ≥13 h (32Ω loaded)
Output Power ≥78mW(16Ω / THD+N<1%)
Charging Time : ≤90 mins
THD+N ” <0.05% (1kHz)
Output Impedance : ≤ 0.2 Ω
Frequency Response : 10 Hz~90 kHz(-3dB,Input: 300mV)
SNR : ≥100dB (A-weighted)
Input Sensitivity : 1.05Vrms(Vol=Max)
MAX input Level : 1.35Vrms
Crosstalk : ≥65 dB
Channel Imbalance : ≤ 0.2dB
Gain : 3.65dB
Status LED : Yes
MAX Output Voltage : 4.52Vp-p
MAX Output Current : 50mA
EQ Modes : Bass1: 2.7dB bass boost
Bass2: 5.2dB bass boost
Bass3: 5.2dB bass reduction
MCU : MSP430
Headphone AMP : TPA6130A2
Sound Effects Module : 74HC4052PW+OPA2322AID


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